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Listing Digital Products For Sale is Costly, Time Consuming & Needlessly Complicated

You Have To Set Up Membership Levels, Member/Landing Pages From Scratch

If you want to sell digital products then your options till now were limited to using a membership software or platform.

The reality is most of us try to run before we can walk & membership platforms are built for taking recurring payments - so everything becomes a lot more complicated. The reality is 99% of us start by selling products on a one off basis which is much easier & much less complex to setup - so why make it difficult for yourself?

Membership Based Solutions Are Expensive & Bloated with Useless Features

As membership platforms require a lot more integration to provide users a wide array of choices they become bloated with many features that 99% of us don't use. That in turn creates usability issues which only serve to slow you down.

Worse still you'll be lumbered with paying a hefty price for all that extra development that you'll never use + you'll be paying all the upgrade costs too.

Self Hosted Solutions Mean Dealing With Technical, Support, Speed & Traffic Demand Headaches

If you choose to go the self hosted route then you will end up dealing with all the technical issues including upgrade issues, bugs, plugin conflicts, not to mention the resulting customer complaints.

Of course unless you are an expert you'll also have to deal with page load speed issues and if you drive any real traffic then you will have to upgrade your hardware to cope with any increases in traffic load.

Your platform has to be able to cope with the volume of requests per second & security problems that come with it.

Ready Platforms Like Udemy Have Strict Listing Rules & Product Requirements

If you have tried using ready platforms like Udemy - you'll find that they are very strict on what you are able to submit.

Whatever you list has to meet their high standards - and many vendors find their products rejected on multiple occasions through minor technicalities.

Needless to say this is quite frustrating especially if you are a newbie trying to earn your first dollar.

Sites Like Kajabi & Teachable Have Expensive Monthly Costs

Many Big Platforms Don't Allow You to Use Your Own Branding

There are of course other ready made platforms like Kajabi & Teachable which are great for newbies as they have made it easy.

However these platforms cost $100's per month - which is not ideal when you are trying to make your first profit.

Lets face it! We all have to count our costs carefully when we start & huge monthly recurring bills are not an ideal way to start making profit.

Fact: Digital Products Are Super Easy To Make

Most people badly over-think digital product creation. If you can... make a word document, record some audio, use your phone to record a video, use a free piece of software to record your screen... then you can make a digital product.

Of course you can also buy ready made & white label products at very low cost nowadays too. You can even re-brand any GPL product and sell it as your own for profit.

So the reality is... there is absolutely no excuse when you say you can't make a digital product.

Fact: Many of The World's Biggest Entrepreneurs are Info Product Sellers

The reality is... many top entrepreneurs have started & continue to sell digital products today. Why? Think about it - you create a product once & you can sell it many times without running out of stock.

Not to mention the profit of course... in most cases you make like 95%+ profit... which is what most business owners dream of.

You will recognize names like Tony Robins, Robert Kiyosaki, Eben Pagan + many more that earn millions through digital product sales.

Fact: Most People Fail To Sell Digital Products

They Simply Get Lost In Technical Problems & Large Learning Curves

YES - the reality is most people fail to sell sell a digital product. Why? Because they needlessly over complicate stuff.

They buy glossy complicated solutions that promise the world of amazing features without telling the user how complex the platform will be to use.

So most people simply get lost & confused. And of course most platforms get you to make all your required pages from scratch - which is a huge time killer.

Now... There Is A Much Easier Way to Do This...

That's 10 Times Faster Than Any Membership Software

My Product Store - The Fastest & Easiest Way to Sell Digital Products at 90% Less Cost of Other Platforms

Set up a "Sales Ready" Digital Product & Store in Minutes

It Takes Just 60 Seconds to Set Up a Product

With Instant Landing Pages / Members Areas + Easy Payment Integration

Super Stable Fully Launch Tested Platform

$23,000 Made by a Complete Newbie on This Platform in November 2016

With over 12 months of development in November we took a total product launch newbie through the product launch process using My Product Store as the sales platform & JVZoo as the affiliate network.

The result... as expected Zero customers reported any product delivery issues... Zero non delivery support tickets were received. There was Zero downtime.

David Cassar did not know us at all before October 2016 - he responded to a social media advert - in November 2016 David launched his product using our platform & made $23,000 & built a list of 400 buyers in just one week

Instant List Building With Free Products

All Major Autoresponders Supported

My Product Store has a built in function that allows you to give away free products or free lessons to help you build your list.

All you need to do is to set your product price to Zero & the customer will get the product for free in return for their email address.

My Product Store supports 99% of Autoresponders including special fast integration to Mailchimp, Aweber, Get Response & Sendlane.

So with My Product Store list building is effortless.

Automated E-Course Building From YouTube

Builds Complete Members Areas From YouTube Video URLS

One of the exclusive features we have in My Product Store is the ability to build a complete E-course just by submitting YouTube URLS

Doing things this way has major advantages such as: not having any bandwidth fees for video content delivery and of course there is the massive time saving that you get as the members area is literally built for you.

Needless to say we have made it stupidly simple for E- course creation.

Your Own Fully Branded E-Store in Seconds

No Complex Membership Levels, No Complex Settings

Many store platforms don't allow you to brand your own site, they are more focused on promoting their own brand instead

With My Product Store you are fully in control of how your store looks, you can change the colors, add your own logos and even change the text labels used throughout your store.

Stupidly Simple Payment Integration

With Paypal, JVZoo, Clickbank & Warrior+

Payment integration is another huge challenge

But not with My Product Store. All we ask you for is the bare minimum needed and the system will fully integrate your preferred payment gateway into your product store.

A+ Speed Rated Fully Responsive Pages

Using Super Clean Code & Rapid Scalable Cloud Servers

No Product? No Problem...
+ Watch Us Build & Launch a Product Live

There's No Better Time To Start

Info Product Demand is Growing at 200%+ Per Year

The info product industry in 2016 has grown over 200%! Sites like Udemy are reporting massive boosts in sales and profits.

So there is no better time to start your online venture in making and selling info products.

All you need to start with is to learn something a little bit better than the next person and share that knowledge.

You can easily record this information in video and audio format with freely available PC and Mac software

Fastest Way To Build Your Own Digital Product Ecom Empire With My Product Store

At a Fraction of the Cost & Headaches of Other Platforms

  • Super Fast SAAS Platform
  • Fully Customizable Store & Products
  • List Unlimited Products
  • Super Easy Payment Integration
  • Ongoing Platform Updates
  • Full Product Support
  • Full Training Videos & Tool-tips

Special Offer

QDo I Need A Website or Hosting?
No - My Product Store is a fully hosted Solution - we pay for all that so you don't have to. We also provide unlimited bandwidth as long as the usage reasonable.
Q Can I Sell Affiliate Products?
YES & NO - By Default the platform doesn't come with affiliate product support - it will be offered to you as a low cost upgrade.
Q Do I Need to Make Mobile Pages?
NO - Every My Product Store & all upgrades are 100% mobile ready & multi browser tested - so you don't need to worry or doing any extra work.
Q Are There any Listing Restrictions?
NO - It's your site, your Ecom store - as long as what you are listing is legal & you conduct your business in a lawful & ethical manner what you list is up to you.
Q Can I Upload Files?
YES - there is a 30Mb limit per file you upload - you can upload unlimited files subject to reasonable usage. You can upload both files & images.
Q How Many Products Can I List?
UNLIMITED - There is no limit to how many products you can list on your Ecom Store - it's your store we don't restrict that.

Meet The Vendors:

John Merrick - Product Engineer

I'm an experienced SAAS & Wordpress product developer with several dozen products released in the last 10 years. My speciality is creating automation platforms & solving industry problems. I'm always looking for ways to improve products & make life easier for our customers.

Chris Hitman - Sales & UI

My background is Sales & IT. I spent a lot of time in development of software & user interfaces as well as security solutions. I like taking raw products & finding ways to make them easier to use. I love simplicity of workflow & saving users time. This is specially important in a more complex world.

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